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Forbes and Fifth were doing fine before this all started. There were open stores doing strong business, but Murphy, et al. couldn't leave well enough alone. They killed East Liberty, so they're out to kill the rest of the city, too, I suppose.

Want to see how well this planning works? Go to downtown Cleveland. I don't think there's a block without 50% or more of the businesses boarded up and the streets are empty.

By the way, what ever happened to the Bloomingdale's store that Sophie Masloff and Bob O'Connor guaranteed us would be built in 1991 when O'Connor was first running against a Republican candidate who told the voters that the unpaid for Three Rivers Stadium would be gone before the bonds were paid off, that Bloomingdale's would not be built (near the US Steel Building or whatever it is called now) and that the city was headed toward fiscal failure.

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