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Al L'Agheny


Al L'Agheny

Oops...let's try that again...

From the other angle of economic development, Will this "Experiment" work this time? Even the PG article asks as much...


You have a very thoughtful blog.

One need not look further than Alleghney Center, Civic Arena, Penn Circle for urban redevelopment nightmares in the burgh.

If the pinheads would have poured money into the waterfronts over the years and left vibrant historic neighborhoods(the Hill) alone, quality of life would have been much better.

It's all about allocating pork rather than what the folks want from the clueless good old boy's in city government.


Here's an idea I haven't heard floated by anyone... develop the Point. You can leave the fountain and a greenbelt, maybe even the outline of Fort Pitt, but why not develop the rest of it? Concurrently, being the process of developing greenspace around Market Square for a new urban park that will become a magnet for surrounding development. Take three blocks that are in disarray.

I think the point that "The Point" is not fully utilized is valid. Opening that up to development makes a lot of sense. You could definitely develop mixed use building there with lots of residential (perhaps expensive, but does it really matter?) potential.

Alternatively, a park at Fifth and Forbes makes more sense for bringing the downtown area together.

Was wondering if anyone has considered this instead of waiting for a savior?

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