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Erie could learn a lot from my town, Eastlake, OH, where the mayor and council rammed through a public financed minor league stadium for the Lake County Captains despite public opposition. They promised economic development, federal and state money, $10 million in naming rights, etc.

Now, we are saddled with a $25 million stadium to pay off and a sweetheart lease for the team that even prevents the city from taxing ticket sales. Naming rights sold for $4 million, an amount that, under the lease, meant the team's lease payments were reduced, so we get nothing from that.

Despite strong attendance for the games, economic development thus far consists of one restaurant, which doesn't even replace what eminent domain to get the land for the stadium took away.


Local politicians to make anouncement monday aug.1st about seawolves. Congressmen.state senator etc.. No doubt they will give in to blackmail. Probobaly some sort of mysterios funding to pop up. the stadium is now under a county convention and facilities authority. just financed convention center hotel $100mil this 2 miles from the stadium on the bay front. our original convention center is located next to the ball park. this is now called a arena used for concerts ,hockey etc.. built 20 years ago expanded 5 years ago. they say this needs complete rennovation or replacement. the field of schemes never ends. this coming from a huge sports fan.

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