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you bet they are allies. the labor movement is necessarily international, or as they say these days, global . . . like capital itself . . .

Sam MacDonald

Thanks for the comment.

And allow me to be clear. I am not advocating the spread of Big Labor--any more that I support the spread of crony capitalism.

What I am hoping for is that Chinese workers will eventually begin to benefit from the industry that has gushed into their country. And I mean that in both a warm/cozy and completely self-serving way.

Societies that make things eventually do well for themselves. And people who do well for themselves eventually begin purchasing things. Some of those things might be made in America, which would be good.

But perhaps even more importantly, they will eventually "purchase" things as a society, such as cleaner air, better benefits and more reasonable hours. And these need not come via government fiat.

At any rate, all of these things will, in fact, raise the cost of production in China. And, in theory, the two societies will eventually converge.

I think that, given the right incentives, these societies can make sure that they converge upwards to the U.S. standard of living rather than downward to the Chinese. And I think a market is the best way to do that in the long-term.

But I'm an optimist... And a realist with regard to the very powerful short-term disincentives to this approach.

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