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Al L'Agheny

It is amazing that Mayor Murphy forgets to mention that the Pittsburgh Wool Company had to seek legal representation because of all the threats, and got it from the same organization that defended the folks in New London CT – the Institute for Justice.

Check out this link. It has a few links to the subject of Mayor Tom's antics, and a picture of the billboard put up by the Institute for justice calling him on it.


I'm from Maine, not Pittsburgh, and my knowledge of the city stops outside of the areas covered on the few episodes of Queer As Folk I've seen. But from reading your blog, I feel like I know a lot more, and I like that. What I also like is that this mayor guy apparently gutted the city and then defends it by saying that decades later, the government isn't broke. Whenever people try and conflate the economic health of a given area with the economic health of its governing body. If that really worked, Africa would be awesome.

-sam (from BtB)

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