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Fester 986

What part of Swissvale are you moving into? My fiancee and I just moved to the area right around the library/business district and it is a nifty little neighborhood. If you are in that area, Cafe Dolce on Aureilius Street (sic --- I only walk those streets, I don't look at the street signs) is a fun little Cuban coffee shop with great expresso based drinks.



Thanks for the tip. We are kind of new to the area and looking for good places to go.

As for our location, we are way, way up the hill. It's a precipitous drop down to Braddock Avenue. So it will be a bit of walking to get to the business district. But I have lived in rougher terrain.

The move is finalized this week, so see you there soon.

And thanks again.


Your wife had twins? On her own? And about these eXpresso drinks? I guess they are something you drink in the eXurbs? Just kiddin' ya . . . Zp


ZP wrote:

"And about these eXpresso drinks? I guess they are something you drink in the eXurbs?"

How would I know? You ever see what one of those things costs? Remember the twins? I'll be lucky to have enough for a bit of weak Maxwell House brewed at home!


although we do most of our shopping at the strip (can i afford the cost of giant eagle's union wages? can i afford not to pay them?), giant eagle has a strong generic coffee at about 6$ per big can. i drank too much too late today . . . sound of maniacal laughter. Zp


Finally, this whole Internet thing pays off! I have moved around a lot in recent years and dread going through the inevitable hit and miss of which store-brand products pass muster. Where I am at now, for instance, one store has really good generic Triscuits at half the cost, whereas the store down the block offers an entirely inedible version. And don't get me started on cheese.

Again, thanks for the tip. Giant Eagle coffee I shall buy. Now, anyone who can give me the skinny on generic diapers gets BIG props.

When did my life get this boring? Ah, who cares? I am hunting for bargains, dammit!

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