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thank you for weighing in on this very important issue.

i agree, the beer thing is quite annoying. but the state stores for wine and alcohol provide an interesting benefit - cheap french and italian table wine. someone mentioned this to me, and recent research on my part finds it true. a good selection of imported wines are actually much cheaper in PA than other states (maryland, new york, connecticut, north carolina) where the selection of imports is slim, and when found, overpriced.

so drink up, until the free market in booze comes to PA and all we can buy is over-priced California swill.

because attention to this issue reveals how very NOT FREE the "less regulated" market in booze is in other states - the imported wines are pricey and california wines are filling the shelves because these goods are regulated nationally, etc. so take away the PA state stores and all you've got is another layer of trade regulation at the national level and, again, over-priced California swill.


Late to the party, but being an ex CT/NY/MA resident, I'm wondering where zp shopped for booze when he was in those states?

Might I suggest Warehouse Liquors on E. Main St. in Stamford, CT. And of course, Zachy's in Scarsdale, NY, which is essentially Mecca for wine enthusiasts east of the Delaware. You will find great bargains at both plus extremely knowledgeable staff.

Probably one of the more popular wines right now is Yellowtail. At Zachy's the 2-liter is $9.99. In VA it's $11.99. In PA it's $12.99.

So much for the "buying power" of the "largest single purchaser of wine in the U.S.".

If you like Aussie wines and can afford to buy in quantity, it's actually cheaper to find a broker in Sydney, buy about $400.00 of decent or better wines from the Margaret River and Western Australia regions (avg. US$7-$8/bottle) and have it shipped here for another $300. You'll still save $100.00 or so.

Right now some of the best wine values are South Africa, Argentina and Bulgaria. Try finding representative samples of good wines from those countries through the LCB. You won't. Not on their radar it seems.

Government has no business being in retail.


Sorry to mislead you. I had just been visiting, passing through sort of. Staying with friends in urban neighborhoods, walking, and buying, as I said, French and Italian wines, at whatever shop was on the corner and comparing that kind of retail to the PA state stores.

I didn't mean to generalize, more to point out this weird blip in the economy, useful to someone who doesn't enjoy Yellowtail.

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