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Jonathan Potts

I keep thinking I'm going to wake up to find that Pittsburgh has a responsible government. Alas, the nightmare continues.

Mark Rauterkus

Yesterday's city council meeting was additional proof that we are in a bi-polar city -- with leadership that is, frankly, nutso.

First measure -- give away a city park, public land, to a church, The Salvation Army, for $100.

Next measure -- put in the paperwork to own a casino.

Dance with Jesus Christ and then with gambling -- bang, bang.

Meanwhile, rats over-run the city. Bi-polar.


"Well, sir, seems you've had a lucky night. Here's your $1,000. Just show us some ID please?"

"ID? What for?"

"It's a city ordinance. We must see ID for anyone with winnings over $100."

"OK. Here's my driver's license."

"Ah, I see you're from Upper St. Clair. That makes you a commuter. Hold on one second. There... OK, here's your $900. Have a nice night."


I always hoped for some sign that at least one council person was not an idiot. my hopes are dashed.

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