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Fester 986

I agree with your skepticism on the revenue projections and impacts of casino gambling in the state (look at the discussions I have had with Jonathan Potts for the best example), but I want to contend a little bit on the thrust of your post. As I understand it, the vast majority of gambling revenue is projected to come from people who already live in Pennsylvania. It is a tax and PA economy win if gamblers who live in PGH and would typically go to Wheeling to gamble decide to gamble on the Northside instead. It is an import replacing activity of PA supplying itself with gambling opportunities that it previously exported money in order to import the "fun."

That I think is the best argument for a positive economic impact on casinos, that the vast majority of the money being captured is money that would have been gambled anyway, but it is better from the PA point of view that they money is spent in PA than in WV or upstate New York. It is not a great argument, but it is a worthwhile and honest argument as long as you ignore the negative externalities.

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