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Amos the Poker Cat

Of course, but that would be logical. While Deitch and Ramsey rely on emotion and strawmen. I particularly like how the article keeps on going back and forth between per capita, and absolute counts.

Lots of throw away one line theories. That, or they’re encouraged to pack something, just in case. CCLs will cause criminals to carry guns? Proof? Data?


The idea that a handgun would prevent those rapes, says Horn, furthers the myth that most rapes are perpetrated by strangers. Ah, using a gun only works on strangers.


... the city in particular was overrun with gang violence in the early 1990s and a large number of people rushed in those years to get a permit to carry a concealed handgun. Any supporting numbers? CCLs in '92 and '93? Percent increase?


Some rushes on gun-carrying permits may be correlated with a rise in violent crime. For example, in 2003, Allegheny County processed a six-year high 11,326 permits, according to state police, who collect each county’s data. That year also saw the county hit a record number of murders with 125. So, is he says the permits caused the crime? Or the crime caused the permits?

2001 had a relatively high count.
Did that increase permits? Or that not all murders are done with a gun. Or that most murder victums have criminal records. What is amazing is the number of unsolved murders.


But not all spikes may be motivated by fear. Scherer says permits in Westmoreland County spiked in 2003 because it was the end of their five-year permitting cycle and many active permits had to be renewed.

So, if someone renews a license it counts as two licenses, not just one? That makes not sense.

Here is a map, and graphs, and numbers for various cities from the Trib for 2003.

Jonathan Barnes

What kind of a perspective do you expect from the City Paper? The gun story is par for the course for CP. In America it seems that there are two kinds of people: the gun nuts, and the gun control nuts.
I wrote a piece a while back about this issue, after covering the NRA convention. It's reprinted here:
God, guns and freedom:
Dread and repugnance at the NRA convention
22 Sep 2005
by Jonathan Barnes
"The NRA's about God, guns and freedom, right?" I said. "That's right," they responded in unison, nodding their heads without missing a stitch. I sauntered down the hallway and out to the deck to have a smoke. ...

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