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Dominion Tower's high occupancy rate is a disturbing fact if looked at ony at face value. What is the bright side to the high occupancy rate in this relatively new , well located office building? The upside is the potential to attract a new corporate citizen to Pittsburgh. Location, location, location is still the key factor. What is missing is an aggressive effort to sell this city and its attributes to the nation. Dominion Tower recently being sold for only 45 million allows the new owner to offer attactive rates to corporations in search of office space. Let me ask this... What prevents Pittsburgh from growing ? Our ability to sell this region on a national level, despite this fact Westinghouse, American Eagle and Dicks Sporting Goods has chosen this city to call home recently. My advice is to change the mindset of the region. Pittsburgh is changing and our time is soon to arrive. Affordable cost of living, situated in the most populous area between New York and Chicago with a high quality of life, not too bad for a ctiy trying to grow. Ten years from now Pitsburgh will return to its grandeur and beyond.

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