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About the book. Do I need to read it? Does being from Ridgeway make you biased in the debate over the best management practices of the ANF? Can the opinions of Hedlund and AHUD be taken seriously?

Brookville wrestling rules!!

Jonathan Barnes

Try not to malign all Pittsburgh journalists because of a couple of stories by one paper. When you use the phrase "Pittsburgh journalism," you're using the broad brush with some heavy-hitting keywords. While there are some stories you find questionable, a lot of journalists in Pittsburgh are doing good work all of the time.
The P-G prints hundreds of stories each week. Some of them are going to be stories that are just like the pro-business stories you'll find in the Trib, the Pittsburgh Business Times, and even in the Pittsburgh City Paper.
With regards to the PNC skyscraper, I wonder if perhaps the P-G favors it partly because people in editorial are fed up with nothing being done to redevelop the Fifth-Forbes area.

AntiRust responds:

First, RJ, yes. You do need to read it. My publisher says so. And my accountant. Seriously, though, I do think it's important. And somewhat depressing that so few people talk about Western Pennsylvania when discussions about the environment come up. As for bias: Yes, I am biased. But fair, I hope.

And as for Mr. Barnes, he is a wise and thoughtful man. I should not have painted all local scribes with the same brush. I was not trying to do that, but I just looked at the headline, and sure enough...

Thanks for the critical read.

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