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artie whitman

yall's company has moved hereto houston texas(copes-vulcan/dezurik),an unfortunatly, i have hired in...i did not know this was a case of union braking.we (all of us here)are so very sorry 'bout this.what can we do ?? i started my career in a union shop in '69@f.m.c.here(houston)iam local 15..just another case of republican,keep blue colar down,money grobblin"..keep the faith brothers,we will do what we can when we can,wish there was a way we could help,we would,if we knew how!!try your best,we will try our best to re-unionize the usa.people have forgotten that unions have made thier lives so much better..ie,..40 hour work week,child labor laws,safety,an on an on!!!again we are sorry they did this to yall.ARTIE@spx,m&j valve,copes-vulcan/dezurik,houston texas....

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