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Jonathan Barnes

I like the Hon reference, and I've heard it before. Thanks for reminding me.

Amos the Poker Cat

Concidering that BAL MSA went from 180K in '60 to 280K in '00, things like the Honfest (I think I heard something about it on NPR several years ago.) are a fun way for people that moved that to feel like part of the old neighborhoods. Looking at the "About" page for Honfest, you find words like "unique ", "homage", "quirky", "quaint", and "endearing".

Not sure there is a specific number, but with the population exodus, I would make a wild guess that 85% of the population of PIT grew up within 100 miles of the city. "Yinzer" is a back lash of an outside to being stuck here. Do a google on "Yinzer". You will find a very angry Browns fan.

Maybe if PIT would have gained 40% to 50% population instead of losing population, we would have a quant "YinzerFest".

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