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Amos the Poker Cat

The link seems fine.

It has gotten some limited coverage in the PG.

U.S. probe targets casino site - March 23, 2005

At the time, that International Paper site along the waterfront was considered a possibility for a racetrack/casino that will be built in Erie. But the developer of that facility, MTR Gaming President Ted Arneault, has since decided to build along Interstate 90 in Summit Township -- still in Erie County but south of the city.

Maybe it is just me, not following every detail of where or why each of the 14 casinos in the PA are proposed to be built, but I have to find a 2005 story to read that Filippi property was not bought by MTG, and that MTG is planning on building elsewhere. Not the most lucrative of insider info.

Also in this 2005 article, state Sen. Mike Stack, D-Philadelphia was under investigation for similar stuff. I am surprised there are not more. When the built the Denver Airport, land deals where flipping faster than a bed in a "no-tell" motel.

Ex-Erie mayor's fate up to jury - March 22, 2006
Misleading title, the trial continues, but 2 counts were dismissed.

Mr. Filippi characterized MTR Gaming as a greedy company that wanted the city to pay some $5 million to move the charter school from the proposed racetrack site.
The mayor rejected the deal.

It seems refusing the $5M in subsidies Filippi was flushing his investment down the drain.

Witnesses for prosecution talk up former Erie mayor - March 16, 2006

Even so, Mr. Spaulding said, the mayor balked when MTR Gaming of Chester, W.Va., talked of developing the property into a horse track and casino. The project itself seemed fine, but Mr. Filippi would not accept the developer's plan for $50 million in public subsidies, Mr. Spaulding said.

Was it $50M or $5M?

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