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sean mcdaniel

public health...a slippery slope. just like universal health care...i say live and let die.


I've bent on smoking over the past few years. I was holding out for the free market to take care of this instead of the government, but those smoke-free bars never gained momentum.

Exposure to 2nd hand smoke over a LONG period is fairly conclusively proven a hazard, so employees should either be protected from it or given hazard pay or something. But not customers - they don't breath enough of the stuff for it to matter. I'll note I'm a former smoker.

I heard a couple of young mothers yesterday talking about how they'd like to adopt laws making it illegal to smoke in your car or house if you have kids. I couldn't insert myself in that argument for fear my head would explode.

Now, the motorcycle helmet and seat belt laws - especially this new proposed revenue-producing gambit allowing arrests for seatbelt violations w/o other cause... that's unadulterated Nannyness. Who's being protected from what?

Then again, so it the entire hierarchy of the LCB. Won't some politico take that operation on? Nannyness AND corruption... perfect bedfellows.

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