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Jonathan Potts

Let us remember the Hippocratic oath--first, do no harm.

Amos the Poker Cat

OMG! I thought PopCity had drunk the happy news kool aid, but this architect takes the cake. So, do the people in county lock up count toward his "critical mass of residential units" in a "vibrant Downtown".

As for the "death of Big Steel", it depends if you mean the "beginning of the end", '79, or the "end of the beginning", '86. That Homestead page is great little treasure chest of timeline info. I think I was part of the penultimate graduating class from Steel Valley in '77 that was able to get a job in the Mill. There may have been one more class to be able to work in the mills. I remember everyone that thought I was missing out on quick money going to CMU, being unemployed in '79.

I wonder if Proud Pittsburgh is familiar with the “getting it at the mill” ethic?

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