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Jonathan Potts

When was "Fifth and Forbes" ever an official designation? I realize that Mayor Murphy called his plan "Marketplace at Fifth and Forbes" but only because those are the two main streets in question.

Once again, we are obsessed with image and perception, because it distracts us from the hard work of solving our real problems.

Sam M

Well said, Mr. Potts.


Sisyphus' Stygian station?

Mark Rauterkus

Thinking again about names for downtown might include works along these themes:

Purple Belt

Golden Triangle

PAT Terminus

Urban Parking Garage

Isle of the Burgh

All-Star Village

Richer & Redded

Don Carter's second shot.

Sam M

Yep. See how fun that can be? I even came up with a new game: Develop a slogan to go along with the neighborhood. Something like:

Pittsburgh: Soon to Be As Cool And Cosmopolitan as Columbus, Ohio.


Pittsburgh: Almost as Good As Hartford.


Pittsburgh: Just Like Everyewhere Else.


Pittsburgh: Why Not Fly in to Shop at All the Places You Already Shop at in Your Own Town?


Pittsburgh: Bravely Subsidizing Upper-Middle Class Lifestyles Since 1944


Well, you get the picture.

sean mcdaniel

Okay. I have a suggestions about this subject on my newly created blog at http://behindblueyes2.blogspot.com. I apologize for not knowing how to insert a live link.

sean mcdaniel

Okay, if you haven't made it to my blog to read my thoughts, I think we need to rename the entire city: here are my suggestions. for more see: http://behindblueyes2.blogspot.com

Riverside: We've Got Water on the Brain.

Little Apple: The City that Never Wakes Up.

Historyville: We Love Living in the Past.

Still City: We're So Not on the Move.

DaPointe: Yinz Jest Don't Get It.

Sam M


First, congrats on the new blog.

Second, excellent idea. Why piddle around naming a neighborhood when you can rename the whole city. But I'll do you one better. The state?

sean mcdaniel

Naw, Sam, this is my town. I can barely relate to wait happens in the middle of our great commonwealth, let alone in the city of brotherly love. Anyway, the entire state is too different across the board. I prefer to make big changes closer to home.

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