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Fred Mullner

As an environmental engineer, I continue to shake my head at the villainization of solid waste. Yes, it's smelly. Yes, it's icky. But we all generate garbage, and it does in fact need to go somewhere. It might as well go to Pennsylvania. The solid waste industry provides good-paying jobs in rural areas where there would otherwise be no jobs. Add to that the fact that we have plenty of space and an extensive network of roads, and Pennsylvania becomes a no-brainer to receive solid waste.

And as for the silent allegation that landfills are environmental hazards in the making, that is simply not true. Landfills are heavily regulated and closely monitored for excessive emissions to air and water. The technology of today's landfill is light years beyond the "town dump" of 50 years ago. This situation illustrates once again how environmentalists play both sides of the fence: they've demanded (and gotten) better technology and more regulations for years and years, but their press releases make it sound like nothing has happened at all. This is becuase--make no mistake about this--that environmentalists favor regulation for regulation's sake and ultimately seek to control how business and industry operate. That may sound paranoid, but I assure it's not. I see it every day when I go to work.

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