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sean mcdaniel

okay, i'll have to start all over with my antirust/conversation 12 step program but i couldn't resist....

sam, here are some new slogans for your favorite town to bash:

Pittsburgh: Subsidize This!

Pittsburgh: Get In On The High Rise Giveaway!

Pittsburgh: You'll Be In Charm's Way!

Pittsburgh: Help Us Return Point State Park to The Seemy Urban Slum of the 1940s When It Was Littered with Ramshackle Homes and Rundown Businesses — An Area that Most Local Bloggers Would Be Glad to Settle Down In Because It Would Be Just a Few Convenient Blocks From Seedy Shops That They'd Love to Stroll Past With Their Families When They Tire of the Oh So Charming Hip BoHo Java Joints That Haunt Every Third Storefront In the East End.

(okay, i know that last one's not short and snappy. but it really does get to your point that the park is such as waste compared to what occupied the area for decades before. sam, the park isn't a waste. but the rules that prevent any sort of activity outside of frisbee/hackysack foolishness is ridiculous.)

okay, guys, i really have to call my counselor. but i did notice that when i'm not here to express an opinion or two, a couple of local blogs are awfully quiet...but maybe that was the intention from the get go!

oh, no. there goes the town's newest neighborhood...i heard that crate and barrel is close to signing a deal for a downtown store!

Sam M


The quiet was not intentional at all. Verizon troubles. Lots of them. Angry calls. New modems. Par for the course. OK. I have to post this quick before I lose the connection. Seriously.


More soon...

sean mcdaniel

oh hell, don't worry. i've been banned from another site and "outted" as university professor and a teenage boy by thin skinned blogger who proclaims his belief in free speech.

go cable on that internet thing...it works like a charm.

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