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sean mcdaniel

well, unless i'm not reading the same news as you, the PG report of the ELF attack is nearly as hyped up as the smoking editorial. (if you don't think so, then how do you really say it's legit to compare 8/11/02 to 9/11/01? or maybe we could refer to the incident as the beginning ofthe ELF Holocaust). as far as i can remember, the ELFanatics haven't don't anything so drastic since then. and for a historical perspective, student radicals in 1970 set of a bomb in a van next to a U. of Wisconsin building that housed an Army Math Project, killing a janitor inside the building. According to some reports it was the most powerful vehicle bombing in U.S. history, even taking the Oklahoma City bombing into account. the point is, if you want, everything can be a special category crime, unless you kill a rich white guy.

Sam M


I agree with you on most counts. And I think I wrote as much.

No. The People from ELF have not followed through on their threats. It appears that the escalation was sort of a trial balloon. To see what the rank and file in the movement thought of taking things a bit further. It was not well received. At least that's what I heard from the ELF press office when I contacted them.

So why didn't I include that in the op-ed? Well, I didn't write it as an historical retrospective. I wrote it when the thing happened. When it wasn't at all clear whether the rank and file would accept the cal to arms or not. It was not clear at the time that they would not. I am glad that they didn't. But I am not going to apologize for raising the alarm. Hell. Even the ELF press office was taken aback by the threat.

So what to make of the the new anti-eco-terror legislation? I thought I made it clear that I think it might go too far. That there are problems with it. Dangers. Etc. And I thought I made it clear that if current laws against vandalism and trespassing do the trick and allow for stern treatment of violators, I am fine with that.

So to be even more clear: I am against new laws if the current ones work.

I am for new laws if the current ones treat burning down the research station the same as they would treat a smashed mailbox or graffiti.

We don't know which is the case, because I don't think a lot of these things have been prosecuted in Pennsylvania yet. They are still pretty new here, after all. So the jury is out.

sean mcdaniel

Graffiti! I'm all for cutting off the tip of the index finger to the first knuckle for anyone caught tagging anything for any reason! yeah, i'm almost half serious about that one.

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