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sean mcdaniel

look commonsense doesn't come easy to some people. i agree that the woman in billings got screwed over. but my mother in law was in a nursing home after an operation and another resident across the hall left a lighted cigarette on his bed while he went to the bathroom. Afterwards, he forgot about the smoke and took a stroll down the hall. luckily all he did was burn a hole in his mattress.

I agree that non-smoking rules in bars are stupid. next thing you'll know they ban alcohol from taverns too. but sometimes rules make sense.

it never ceases to amuse me that the local bloggers who lead semi-subsidized lives as university employees and grad students continually bitch and moan about big brother interferring in our lives...while they gladly reach into big brother's wallet for health care, salary and tuition.

my point...if you want a laissez faire government, don't take the government's money to earn a master's or doctorate or pay your medical insurance.

and just so you know. i'm 100 percent freelance and paid $11,000 out of my pocket for health care last year and another $20,000 in all that stinking taxes that pay for university research programs, PAT bus rides, medicaid and every other social program goind. but guess what, i don't really care. until i hear you guys spouting about how this supermarket is a waste or that loft project is a waste because of government subsidies — all from your comfy little ivy tower offices. and please don't whine about a grad student's life. you made that choice knowing the consequences.

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