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I think I'll stick with Duke Beer.

sean mcdaniel

so they have a green bottle? i'll give it a try. I'm going to stock up on rolling rock until august.

Sam M

Yes. They have a green bottle. The people who drink the brownies say the fans of the greenies are idiots: Green lets in more light, which is a serious consideration for beer with no preservatives.

People who drink greenies counter that you should never let a beer sit around long enough for that to matter.

Choose your sides carefully.

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I sometimes have trouble telling the difference between lager beers, let alone basing an opinion on the color of the bottle. I sometimes imagine Straub's having a maltier taste, Rolling Rock a ricier taste, and Iron City a cornier taste.

Taste aside, I'd like to think some locals might switch to Iron City. It is a decent beer. Certainly more interesting than Coors Light.

Sam M

I am not at all sure that these things are accurate, but I'll report. You decide what to drink:

For as long as I can remember, people have complained that Iron City delivers a nasty headache.

These same people report that Straub results in, er, intestinal distress.

Now, these are people who drink a lot when they drink. So perhaps they get what the deserve. Still, the reports are consistent enough that they deserve mention.

I wonder if there is any truth to these sorts of things. That a certain recipe delivers a consistent hangover.

For what it's worth, I have always heard the headache stuff about Budweiser products, too. And the stomach stuff in relation to Genessee and other low-dollar fare.


I think you've got something there, Sam. Bud, head. Genessee, gut. Schmidts' of Philadelphia definitely got you in the gut. A group of us used to drink Iron City. We switched to Yuengling after we decided that Iron City gave us a morning after headache after two beers. But if you're just having one beer, Iron City is a good beer.


I love straub !!! and it is cheap when i'm low on cash and cannot afford to buy my chimay or a nice hopsy ipa. yum! green bottles are better. i like to see the liquid when i'm drinking. i don't like brown bottles for the same reason i will not drink out of a dark colored coffee cup. it's like drinking from a black hole. I can handl yuengling but iron city is a little weak for my tastes. Dog Fish Head is my favorite local micro brew - yum!
and hey if you love beer, come on by ray's marlyn beach grill and lawrenceville (lottsa pgh charm here!) and join in on the beer and food tastings.

Amos the Poker Cat

I am more interested in a dark beer, than a dark bottle. SO, if forced to choose one of PA's "heritage" brewers, I guess I would go with Yuenngling. They at least have a porter. A watery lite porter, but still a porter.

Didn't Rolling Rock used to do a bock beer? "Used to" as in the last 20 years, which is like yesterday in SWPA glacial change time.

You know there are other brewers in PA, even if some of them are nearer to Philly. WQLN even did a "Saback like" special on Pennsylvania Breweries, based on a book by Lew Bryson. Lion; Dock Street; Yards; Victory; Bethlehem ; Weyerbacher; Appalachian; Erie; Tröegs.

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