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sean mcdaniel

a museum of hunting and fishing is a good laugh...almost as good as the fictional museum of science and trucking on the sopranos.

don brommer sr

the reason thier building it is because in a couple yrs ,there wont be any deer or bear left ,because the game commission is killing them all off ,so you have to go there to see them .NO DEER ,NO BEAR EQUALL THE MUSEUM

sean mcdaniel

they took all the trees and put them in a tree museum...do you really believe that? wow.

Mark Stroup

Just saw a new building by the boat launch in Tionesta, a rather handsome, slightly nouveau, ranch style building. I thought that was the Museum of Hunting and Fishing. They also have an unlikely looking lighthouse behind it. Why a lighthouse? Why 400 feet inland?

Regards, attendance figures compared to the Warhol, I'll give the place the benefit of the doubt. My guess is that more people are interested in hunting and fishing than they are in transgressive art.

Although, when you think of it, a hunting and fishing exhibit at the Warhol would be pretty cool. A little bit Levi-Strauss "The Raw and the Cooked," a little bit "Pennsylvania Game News," . . . half naked furry people with antlers serving tapas. Sign me up.

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