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Jonathan Barnes

You've broached the subject of how TMC is changing, but you tell nothing of the change.

Sam M


You're right.

Thing is, I am a lot more familiar with the activist scene up in the woods. Or at least I was. Things have changed a lot since Kleissler left. Perhaps they will change back. We'll see.

What I meant to get across is that I am surprisd people who are plugged in to the scene here in the city haven't made a bigger deal about the TMC switch. Does this mean they are getting radical? Getting conservative? How did the tazer incident and charges of federal espionage affect this change? Was the Kleissler change about finances? Philosophy? Personal issues? There is obviously something going on. I don't think he envisioned an 8-month stint.

So basically, I am asking rather than telling: What's going on? I wonder if the Post-Gazette has something in the works. The Trib? The PG's 47-word mention didn't seem like the kind of attention the development deserved. Not that I won't people in Kleissler's personal business. But this seems like a good time to assess what the local activist community is doing and how it plans to change.

As for the ADP and the Allegheny National Forest, I have my "people" asking around.

More soon.

Do you have any inside scoop on TMC?

Jonathan Barnes

Hecks, no, I've got no inside scoop. But Jeremy, I think his name was, was cool when I met him a while back.

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