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This is cookie cutter downtown development. Some real followers of Richard Florida. Thet claim this needs to be done to attract young creative types and of course the usual the "empty nester" target group. of coure when asked whos going to pay? The usual type answers grants from Harrisburg, tax abatements etc... This plan also calls for aquiring, demolition and relocation of existing buildings that are productive.A popular resturaunt,a engineering firm a TV station many of these were consrtucted in the 1960s urban renewal efforts. Plus much of the retail business they want to draw in is from close by working class areas. This would only draw away from the retail in those areas. Some plan! The powers to be have stated they are talking with a Pittsburgh firm to be the Master Developer. Who beneftis? Downtown business,they draw in new $$ from adjacent areas, developers, and of course local renewal officials A % is kept for operations. Who pays? Taxpayers, adjacent business who now have to compete with subsidised ones. School age kids who lose funding through tax abatement or financing schemes. Same Old....

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