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You ppl have no idea what kind of chaos your in for....


The subsidies for the PNC deal and the Millcraft/Lazarus building deal are about 15-20 percent of total development. Look for the same in the other Millcraft deal. Also local govts. are probably on the hook for any major obstacle: an unexpected cache of asbestos, structural problem, Indian burial mound, what-have-you.

Again, I'm not saying I'm against these deals, but I hope that we get a number of smaller deals that add to the growth of Downtown.

John Morris

I would agree with the previous comment, all the subsidies stink. But as a ex- New Yorker, I want to pose the question. How much is each parking garage subsidized? How much is Pittsburgh paying to kiss up to it's suburbs. Blow up the garages and try to find people who want to live in a functioning diverse city. New York flipped jersey the finger years ago and it was the best thing it ever did. Pittsburgh has to become a real city and not just a parking lot for people who live out of town.

Taken from post gazette story:
That might not fly with city Councilman Bill Peduto. At minimum, he said, the city should get back what it paid. Mr. Ferlo said the city should consider moving ahead with the PNC office tower on Fifth, the redevelopment of Lazarus-Macy's and, perhaps, Murphy's and let the market do the rest.

"I don't know why we have to rush into this," he said.
Mr Peduto might do well to study the effects of speaking out against "friendly developers". When a Washington county commissioner questioned this developer in the local paper years back, He abrubtly resigned his post a short time later......
As I said earlier Pittsburgh u have no idea what your getting into...

Please note the above comment was NOT posted by John Morris.
My apologies Mr Morris don't know why it showed up there....

Sam M

The name comes at the end of the post. Although it could look like a header, come to think of it. Not sure why Typepad does it that way.

But more critically: Any idea where to get details about the Washington County guy? Covered in the Post-Gazette?

observer reporter, Washington county.
What I remember is this...
When Southpointe was going up the then Head County commissoner camre out publicly in the newspaper questioning why Millcraft/Jack Piatt were the only developers working on a State funded project.....
Soon after he resigned. Coincidental???? You decide.
Could not find links to any old print but I'm sure its out there..



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