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Jonathan Potts

This is not the first article I've read that portrays Charlotte as a soul-less place where people are overly obsessed with success and status. It doesn't seem to matter, does it?


You are right of course: jobs will attract people better than nice condos.
But I take out my salt cellar when I read stories like this one: of course the nice ex-Pittsburghers are going to tell their old hometown paper that they much prefer Pittsburgh, that they only moved because of jobs, that they would move back in a heartbeat, etc. I don't mean that they aren't being sincere but people often tell an interviewer or survey-taker what they think will please the interviewer. And, all the more important to say something nice about Pittsburgh and how much you long for home if you know Aunt Mollie is going to read it.

Jonathan Potts

That is a valid point, but I've come across the same portrayal of Charlotte in non-Pittsburgh publications. The point is that I don't the town has a great image nationwide--beyond the growth of its economy.

Amos the Poker Cat

Except I have heard that same tired "soul-less place where people are overly obsessed with success and status" used describe all sorts of booming towns by other members of the PIT diaspora who did not find the success they were hoping for.

Jonathan Potts

Again, I've read this description of Charlotte in non-Pittsburgh publications. Esquire--or maybe it was GQ--profiled the city several years ago in light of several scandals there involving pro athletes.

The point is not to beat up on Charlotte, but to note that I agree with Sam's overall point, something I've said numerous times. Whatever Pittsburgh's problems are, none will be solved through better public relations.

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