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sean mcdaniel

i agree on the whole foods bit. i love the place, but don't buy anything outside of meats, cheeses, vegetables, coffee and specialty stuff like that. hell, i want my coco peebles in the morning.


I agree wholeheartedly. I love the meats and cheeses and baked goods at Whole Foods, but I can't imagine how or why someone would want to use it as a full-service grocery store -- unless you have money to burn and/or pretentious tastes.

(And thanks for the link.)

sean mcdaniel

well, my money kind of smolders and my tastes are right on the average mark. but the fresh meats and cheeses at WF are tasty. so are those chocolate croissants near the express register.

Ed Heath

I tend toward the Iggle for the fuel perks that other people in the family use, but truth to tell I prefer to over-ride my moral distate and go to a Walmart (Waterworks is close, Pgh Mills is big) or an Aldi. Much cheaper. Clearly though, the whole point of the Centre/Negley Iggle is to pound Whole Foods (pun intended), and soon Trader Joe's...

Amos the Poker Cat

I spend almost all of my food dollars at a near by Super Wally World. My vote for non-union groceries. Years ago, Whole Foods first expanded into DEN when I was still there, at least the lion's share of a decade before it got to PIT. I got my prissy cheese and foo-foo frozen food buying out of my system before forced to move back here.

Anybody taking bets which store will be the first to fold? WF? GE? S&S? TJ? How many of them? What's the over/under?

Sam M

Amos, I am not sure who will go under first, but it does seem like something will have to give.

My money is on Whole Foods and Giant Eagle to last. Why? Who knows. My theory is that they sell different things so are not actually in direct competition. Giant Eagle sells food, and has glammed it up just to stay even aestheticaly speaking. Whole Foods sells attitutude.

I am not familiar with Trader Joes. But it seems like they would have trouble competing with WF in the attitude category. That is, people will not feel quite as good about themselves shopping at TJ as they do at WF.

And I think GE would edge TJ on the affordable toothpaste front. Again, I don't know TJ. But from what I understand, it's kind of a hit-or-miss experience. You take what they are selling that day. Cool. Unless you need to get in and out.

People need to get in and out.

As for S & S, never been there.

Other predictions, anyone?

Ed Heath

See, not to be repetitive, but what struck me about the Centre/Negley Iggle is how they have signage for natural foods all through the store, as well as a larger variety of exotic foods than other Iggles. I think they are trying to compete on attitude (if not attitutude) with Whole Foods, at least the way they have set up their store so far. The Iggle wants you to feel like you are having the WF experience without paying the WF premium. I am not particularly familiar with TJ myself, only what I have read in the NYTimes and heard anecdotally. My impression, though, is that TJ is attitude-squared, an obscure Bezerkely (how do you spell that) slash Manhattan slash Moroccan salsa thing, while WF smacks of tie-dye and unwashed hair. For the Pittsburgher who does imagine that life is more interesting in DC or Manhattan or near Stanford U., or (more likely) used to live in one of those places, WF connects you to the NPR lifestyle and TJ may be the way to be the uber-NPR, like a relaxed Al Gore (Obama?). What I wonder is the whether the Iggle can pull off trying to find a middle way to be smart and sophisticated, like that I can buy a lot of the same stuff as WF and pay less. Do people shop at WF to get the bags so that other NPR people can see them? If so, would the right people be impressed if you could buy a Centre/Negley T-shirt? Of course, this is the 'burgh. How big is the community that is impressed by WF bags? A lot of it does live near the Universities and CMU in particular attracts a big out of state crowd. Could a native Pittsburgher impress a displaced New Yorker who attends/works at CMU with a Iggle bag if the Pittsburgher talks about the value at Centre/Negely, or should the native Pittsburgher care? If someone thinks this way, is it a learned or innate behavior? It's a burgh thing... Oh crap, and I think I was repetitive...

sean mcdaniel

god help you guys if you ever get jobs that pay you more than $50,000 a year...you'll have to renounce all your anti-affluency attitudes. seriously, money ain't all the evil. and you don't have to have much cash in your pocket to be a snob, or close mined.

Amos the Poker Cat

I think Sean is starting to lose it. Being both arrogant (Go Steelers!), and having low self esteem at the same time is what PIT is all about.

Check out a Trader Joe's "fearless flier" for CLE.

It is Monty Python mets Dollar Tree. They are going for the price aware foodie. In PIT, I think that person will go to the Iggle instead. The fashion-istas from Shadyside, to the extent that we have them, will prop up WF. Sorry Joe.

Oh, I spell it "berserk-ly".

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