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Amos the Poker Cat

WOw. Dimple Rock. That was a PG editorial? It is amazing their head does not explode. Logical. Unemotion. Wow. How did that get past the Nanny thought Police?

Yet this is the logical decision, one more persuasive for having been arrived at after a lot of study. To change the rock in any way could invoke the law of unintended consequences, making the river more dangerous. Moreover, as perilous as the swirling currents are at that spot, the death toll isn't so startling when measured against the more than 2 million rafters who have navigated the river since the state park opened in 1970.

In our erstwhile home of the brave, there's an urge to flatten every bump, to put a pillow around every tree and to generally make life as risk-free as possible. That Dimple Rock will be left alone, that a wild river will be allowed its bit of wildness, is a reassuring sign that America hasn't entirely lost its daring.

Sounds almost like stuff you have written Sam!?! Brought a tear to my eye. Wait. Just a stray whisker. Never mind.

Maybe I know why the change of tone for rapids verus smoking. This editorial writer is either a fan of whitewater, has some financial stake, or a relative or friend. Classic NIMBY. Now make the PG editorial board invest their 401K in working bar.

Padded trees.


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