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sean mcdaniel

you know, good to see that myron is still kicking...and that he's still one hell of a writer. you and i might disagree on many (maybe most) things, but i'm right with you on this one.

though i do have one bone to pick...i don't agree with smoking in the workplace...though people can pick and choose their jobs (but not as easy as restaurants. and if you can smoke in the office...why not classrooms at pitt, cmu or any other university...or even the synagogue or church?...cigarette smoke in the office is annoying (as are certain types of performs, but they don't tend to stink up your clothing and hair).

but as far as the bar and restaurants, light em up. i'll be too souses on the last drops of locally produced rolling rock to notice. and i'll throw the clothes on the line on my back porch (no restrictions in my hood) to air them out for a week...before i bury them.

Sam M

Well, I don't smoke. So I won't be lighting up either.

As for other kinds of work places, I still take the private-property line on this one. If I have a travel agency and I want to cater to smokers--or if I am just a crappy businessman--I ought to be able to allow smoking.

Same as an airplane.

Or a barbershop.

It's my barbershop. People who don't like smoke should go somewhere else.

And in the end they will probabaly win. As fewer and fewer people smoke, that cohort will support fewer and fewer businesses.

Oh, and Sean, you have to read this:


Turns out all that biking you do is killing the planet.

Who knew?

sean mcdaniel

strangely enough, mr. ulrich shares the surname of the man who finished second to lance armstrong 5 times (i think) and got axed this year for suspected drug use. hmmmm....

actually, i'll argue (does that surprise you?) that i definitely use less gas (i bike to my dentist, to the strip, even to clients' offices) and electricity (i'm not using lights or AC or heat or my computer or TV when i'm on my bike) and i eat about the same amount during the prime biking months (april through november) as the rest of the year. the only difference is that i gain about 12 pounds during the winter.

but thanks for the laugh.

sean mcdaniel

okay, agreed on the private property issue...though smoking on planes just seems dumb...pressurized cabins and open flames don't really seem like a good idea.

i guess if you're running a business and don't care about losing good workers that is your "business." you can't legislate commonsense (like motorcycle helmets)

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