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sean mcdaniel

okay, okay, okay....

JM: please explain how taking advantage of corruption in the indian real estate market is ethicall and socially better than a suburbanite working in downtown and spending his money there?

i think your moral compass is way out of whack.

sean mcdaniel

and this...

sheel, the proper way to refer to the I. ghandi is...

"the power hungry bitch that WAS indira ghandi"...

she was assassinated 22 years ago.

wanna share your thoughts on hillary clinton?

John Morris


Sheel, has pretty much said it all. I think that working in government means never having to say you are sorry. The Parallels with Pittsburgh seem huge. A bunch of people ( The congress party ) for whom power became an end in itself help to wreck a city and never say sorry.

sean mcdaniel

man, what women screwed over you and sheel?

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