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sean mcdaniel

get ready for a shocker, sam. i don't think the bawlmer govt should stick it's nose into the private plan...especially since it's not planning to build the world's largest fake beef and hair emporium (i think you know how i feel if the private owners want to continue to operate "sham" businesses to launder some questionable income...think about it...how can those "bling" shops on forbes and fifth afford some of the highest rents in town?). as for that hockey arena...it a new owners wants to do it, fine. i think local folks would express their distrust if the city stopped him from doing otherwise if his scheme didn't include casinos.

speaking of casinos, i was extremely disappointed to see jim roddey associated with the slots industry. but then again, what rich politicians doesn't use those inside connections to profit?

John Morris

This stuff should have been in Atlas Shrugged. Where is my favorite Pirate?

John Morris


No that would never happen. Power of this kind is an end in itself. They will not give it up. For them it is better to rule in hell than serve in heaven.

Sam M

Quite a riddle, no? Perhaps there is someone out there with the cash and the balls to put this little thought experiment into action.

Paging Mark Cuban.

As for your favorite Pirate, I know where mine is:


Wait, maybe that's not what you meant. Ragnar Danneskjold was a reliever with the Royals in the 60s, right? Who was his catcher, again? Some guy who smoked weird cigarettes, best I can recall. I think they are both scouts for the Rockies now.

Sorry. Couldn't resist. But if you mention Atlas Shrugged around a libertarian you better expect the Flood Gates of Dork to open wide. And I am one of the better ones.

Enough. I have a steel mill to vertically integrate. (See.)

John Morris

Yes it's time to bring in the reliever and no Dagny there's not a single mind left.

sean mcdaniel

oh my god, i quit having wet dreams about dagny taggart in 10th grade.

Sam M

Hey, I didn't say a word about Ms. Taggert. I was waxing romantic about vertically integrating steel mills.

Is that more weird or less weird?

Yes. Perhaps more weird.

But in the meantime, Sean, perhaps you ought to reserve more time for poor ole Dagney in your slumber. Because guess who is (rumored to be) playing her in the movie version...


But still. A movie version? Such a thing would have to last 12 hours. Perhaps casting the Beautifuls will make it go faster.

Update: Uh oh. I misspelled "Taggart." I suspect that the powers that be are rescinding my Free Market credentials as we speak. Such things are sacred in such circles.

John Morris

Well who needs reason when we can have wars instead? She was right about one thing. Reason is a choice and a responsiblity and one that most people just don't want to make. That's what a lot of this is about.
Having a big daddy that does stuff for you and makes you think you can evade reality.

This Daddy, messed up, but the next one is here and he will be better and not hurt me and give me stuff.

sean mcdaniel

too bad about angelina jolie...can't remember DT's physical description from the book...too many decades went by...but i'd rather see jennifer garner (with lips nearly as lucious as AJ's but without all the cynical attitude) or hilary swank (the biggest most beautiful mouth in hollywood. my god, anyone see her on the cover of vanity fair this month...now there's a photo spread to make me wish i was 13 again with the bathroom door locked and...oh...sorry, it's sunday morning.

John Morris

Wow, that may be one of the worst movies ever made. My memory of Dagny, would put her close to a Jodie Foster type.

Sam M

The only way to please the Objectivist base would be to do the whole thing in Japanese Anime, or something drawn by someone at DC comics. Or is it Marvel? I never really knew the difference. But I seem to recall that the Objectivist base has a strong preference.

Or use top-shelf sci-fi technology to splice classic actors into the roles. Maybe a young Glenn Close [sic]?

The base loves high tech. Maybe they could even use Ms. Rand herself, cobbled together from all those Donahue interviews.

Or get Janeane Garofolo to do it. And George Clooney. Michael Moore to direct.

The base loves irony.

And actually, Clooney might be a good fit.

With Laura Dern.

Yes. Laura Dern, I think.


sean mcdaniel

or restore kathleen turner to her body heat form and watch the screen melt.

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