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i like it a lot.

sean mcdaniel

i'm slapping that on my pickup's back window right next to the rebel flag decal and the bad boy pissing silhouette. damn, can anyone tell me why my teeth keeping falling out when i spit my chew?

Ed Heath

I aspire to what I think of as a Scott Turow type of english, which is probably a middle class Chicago type of written english (in Turrow 's case, California academia taken through Harvard and dropped into Chicago). And I want the sticker. I like to be able to pick and choose my Y'alls and n'at's and Yinz jagoff's. My wife used to think my Pittsburgh take on a popular TV show was funny, untill I repeated it too often: Yinz Jag - Officers ...

Amos the Poker Cat

This maybe yet another thing that puts me at the tail end of the curve, but growing up in PIT, spent most of my life here (unfortunately), I never heard this "N'at" thing. What it is like, "eh?" in Canadian? Then again, I did not hear "yinzer" until the last couple of years either.

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