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John Morris

I think they are building a huge highway through there that will run up through NY state.

Sam M


I think you are right.

Similarly, there have long been cries to expand 219, which runs through my hometown, into four lanes.

The most frantic calls from people who point out that it is extremely difficult to get goods in and out of the area. Which is bad for a place that has been industrial for over a century.

So I sympathize. But I also wonder. Take a look at Clearfield. It just lost hundreds of jobs at an electronics manufacturing plant. Which even made the evening news with Tom Brokaw.

And Clearfield is a lot like my hometown. It is near it. About the same size. Same general culture.

Only Clearfield has its own exit on Interstate 80.

If that doesn't do the trick, four lanes might not either.

But... But... But...

If we need a north/south connector, why not build it on existing infrastructure? 219 goes to Bradford, which offers easy access to NY, not to mention other industrial centers such as Warren.

Why the Coundersport route? I think that might be the path that leads down to 99, otherwise known as the Bud Shuster Highway. Although I might be wrong about that. Anyone?

To be honest, I know people in Ridgway who are opposed to expanding 219 precisely because they fear it would succeed in bringing economic development. They don't want a strip mall outside of town. They like it as it is.

So are the atavists right?

Interesting dilemma with a lot of parallels to transportation and development in cities.

John Morris

Does anyone have the details on that road project? It's pretty unreal, I think. I have to admit that i sort of don't want to look at it cause it makes me sick. Coulld they change the towns name to porkopolis?

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