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Here's a candidate for state representative who provides good insight into inner-city issues. His Op-Ed Articles featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette addresses crime, drugs, etc.

For example: Did you know? After accepting lucrative campaign contributions from the utility companies (Allegheny Power, ARIPPA PAC, Columbia Gas, Dominion, Duquense Light, FirstEnergy Corp, PPL Corp, and the like), Joe Preston wrapped a "moral responsibility" cloak around Act 201 (Responsible Utility Customer Protection Act), and rushed from committee legislation that makes it much easier for the seedist financial interest in the country to terminate the gas, electric and water service of poor, low-income customers. Throughout the entire process, there was not a single public hearing on the measure.

That is, pursuant to Act 201 utility companies can now demand the balance due, a reconnection fee, and two months payment in advance. In other words, Joe Preston adopted the agenda of big business and they reciprocated with cash. All the sordid details of Mr. Preston's cosying up to the utilities in exchange for legislation that allows termination of service on all weekdays (including Fridays) even during winter months, must come out.

The residents of District 24 want to know exactly whose interests was served by leaving the poor and low-income without heat, electric and water in their homes during months when the mercury dips into the teens or lower, and wind can be howling and brutal?

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