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sean mcdaniel

He certainly nails it for me...with this observation....

"But any narrowly aimed tax break or subsidy deal is offensive. It's unfair to employers paying a full tax load and competing with subsidized companies for employees and customers."

Damn, I know he's talking about AAA, but it could just as easily refer to Pitt, CMU, UPMC and any other non-profit organization cash cow that adds absolutely nothing to the city or county's tax coffers...

what's that you say...if you take away those non-profit perks, the universities and health care systems will split for delaware or north carolina, where they will be "taken care of"? well, then so be it...if the city/county can't make it without providing those antiquated incentives, then we should let the free market chips fall where they may. unless anyone really believes that pitt or cmu needs to be protected from those terrible tax burdens that other employers must pay in full.

hey, if i open an office in oakland, i know i can't afford to pay the starting salaries that pitt pays for secretaries, along with decent health care plans and payments, tuition reimbursement and other benefits that are far out of my reach. maybe if 20 percent of my operating budget came from the state, i could...but well, you get the picture.

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