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Eric E

I think you've fallen victim to "outrage about outrage" - which of course is a staple of the blogosphere. These ADP tactics sound like real losers overall, and it's a shame their practitioners haven't learned that by now. And sadly, many, many activists are in it to scream and yell more than they are to have a lasting impact on an issue, because lasting impact nearly always involves the slow, difficult process of building consensus (or breaking a consensus that stymies your progress - see today's defection of one of California's energy companies on the carbon emissions bill for an example of that).

Sue Swanson's post is spot-on in showing that there are a lot of people who deserve more attention in this issue than ADP, because they are in fact working on consensus and compromise. If your goal is to say that zero-cut is untenable, that's likely true. If it's to say that you have to balance the general value of a resource with the livelihood and lifestyle of locals that's doubtless true as well. Just make sure to give the ADP tactics the stone cold silence they deserve.

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