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sean mcdaniel

maybe i've said it before...the answer isn't finding more oil in PA or elsewhere...it's using less. really, this is one time the answer is easy. but trying convincing americans, even those who claim to be environmentally correct (hell, they have to drive deep into the woods to set those fires...can't imagine they hike back with their cans of gasoline). okay, that's extreme...but larry david's (co-creator of TV's Seinfeld) wife is an environmentalist, but they live in an LA house that's more than 5,500 square feet...do you think that any place that big in California doesn't use a ton of energy every day? i mean, barbara streisand has a 10,000 square foot 24/7 air conditioned barn to house her memorabilia. and she calls herself an environmentalist.

you can mock my bike riding. but you can't mock the fact that i spend about $40 a month on gas. i really do try to practice what i preach.

as for the allegheny brush heap...that sounds like a case where the loggers would have put themselves out of business (RE: the nyt article about oregon logging). If the end result is the same (no logging jobs) isn't it better to leave aroud some trees so that you don't have to go to a museum just to see them?

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