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sean mcdaniel


guess what...i agree. the only problem is this...legalized lotteries were supposed to put bookies out of business...what happened is that the bookies started paying better odds...and they're still in business and thriving.

i've discussed this j. potts. you or i might be happy with a $200 bag of pot, but that crytal meth freak in the trailer court needs that long lasting buzz to get through his miserable life.

i'll play the devil's advocate here...which drugs get to be legal? which don't? who regulates the purity? and just exactly who gets to make and sell the legal drugs? and finally, since the PA state store system show no sign of disappearing, i guess i'd have to get my maui marijuana when i pick up that coppola merlot.

legalizing drugs is different than repealing the prohibition of alcohol. beer is beer. wine is wine. vodka is vodka...but heroin, lsd, ecstacy, crytal meth and crack are pretty potent substances.

legalization sounds easy. it might be the answer...but it won't be easy...because the gangs (black, latino, bikers, russian, organized crime) the control the drug trade are going to put up with losing that much easy income.

and honestly...unless the legalized channels really lower prices (yeah, i bet you're laughing too), the colombians, mexican, afghanis and others will just undersell them on the black market. or they'll start highjacking the legal stuff and selling it on the black market.

as i said, probably the right answer, but not an easy one.

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