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I stumbled across your blog while I was in the process of doing some online research. Does anyone else remember hearing not so long ago that they were winning the war on drugs? Is this kind of like how we're winning the war in Iraq?

sean mcdaniel

hmmm, i was sort of going to ask the same question...

$4.7 billion in colombia...a billion a week in iraq...just think of what that money could do in america...more condos!

seriously, both wars are unwinnable. on the drug front because people really do want them and because so many people are making money (even the farmers are doing better than if they were growing corn). as for iraq, when you have people sending their 5 year olds to hezabollah kiddie martyr camps (and can find millionaires and billionaires willing to travel to afghanistan to fight russians and, 25 years later, americans) there's no way you're going to win with guns and bombs. unless, of course, our millionaires and billionaires start putting on the sand camo uniforms and join the fight for freedom that's now mainly the job of a lot of less affluent men and women who are literally willing to die...for a paycheck. (the poor always seem to die for the rich. during the civil war, well-off southern men bought their way out of the military, while up north, the union army basically hijacked irish immigrants right of the boat to preserve their new home.)

of course, who among us is going to start driving less...or move the AC dial down from Arctic Blast (or lower the heat in the winter from "no shirt necessary")...or live in new homes that weigh in at 2,500 or more square feet (wherever they may be)? Americans are funny people. Al Gore's movie and the documentary about the death of the electric car are raising a few eyebrows (see there is global warming and big oil is behind it all), but does anyone ask if their laptop or home theater is burning a hole in the ozone...or where all the coal or nuclear power would come from to run those cordless cars (well, there are a few more mountain tops to shear off in west virginia, but don't build another 3 mile island where i can see it). nope, we all think it's magic. as if electricity grows on trees or falls out of the skies.

and isn't it hypocritical that the people who are running the war on drugs don't want their kids to do what they did 30 years ago?


There was a country that had a very successful drug irradication program of its poppy fields. The US was so happy it transferred around $34 million to them in the summer of 2001. The country was Afghanistan the government was the Taliban. Of course we all know what happened there. Now that a US friendly government is in sort of control the poppy fields have been more productive then ever. The warlords are happy, the poppy farmers are happy, the trafficers are happy and the addicts well are the addicts. So have we lost the war on drugs and the war on terror in one country at the same time. Judgeing from the problems they are having with the economy in Afghanistan should we add the war on poverty as a loss on the list.

sean mcdaniel

the war on drugs is stupid. but the demand will always be there. and when the black market starts to deliver stronger, cheaper drugs to undercut the legal trade, then what? do you legalize those new drugs...so that there's no crime committed? and have you really stopped the reason for the demand? and can you?

i think prostitution should be legal...but i wonder, do we outlaw pimps? do we regulate the price of a blow job? and how long will it be before some mac daddy in lawrenceville or the upper hill puts his girls on the street giving head for, again, less than the legal rate?

legalization doesn't get rid of the demand...for sex or drugs...the only thing is does is stop the endless flow of money wasted on stopping those problems. but addicts are still going to break into your car for loose change...or steal your girlfriend's purse...or break into your parents home...just as johns will find the "cheaper" girls to get them off.

i agree that putting people in jail for holding a half ounce of marijuana is ridiculous...and busting a woman for "going on a date" in the alley behind the convention center is a waste of resources...but the problems associated with these thorns in the public's side won't go away with legalization.




who is sean mac daniell?

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