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Amos the Poker Cat

Each townhome is $600K! Sacrilige! Windom Hill has a garage with each unit! Still for an area with the average home being $70k.

Sam M

That's what I'm saying. Seems to me that the people we are trying to attract downtown--at least people with that kind of money--are already interested in the city. Even ones coming from Manhattan.

Now, what kind of deals Windom Hill got with the city I don't know.

Anyone know?

Maureen Rottschaefer

OK, really not fair for Beth to say that I am a disgruntled New York City resident. In fact, I would not characterize myself as a New York City resident even when I lived in NYC, since I was only there for 6 years. I grew up in Oakmont, PA. After 17 years there, I went to college in NYC for 3 1/2 years and then moved to NYC for 6 years, then back to Pittsburgh for a little over 5 years. No way am I a New York resident, but I guess "disgruntled New York resident" sells more papers.

For the record, I spent most of my interview time discussing the fact that the real estate market in Pittsburgh is bizarre and that the people who can afford $2000 rent for a 1 bedroom apartment can't be working in Pittsburgh. I have friends who live in telecommute to Chicago and New Jersey, but live in Pittsburgh. This I thought was interesting, not characterizing me as a New York City resident when nothing could be further from the truth.

Maureen Rottschaefer

Small typo in previous post. College was in North Carolina, not NYC.

sean mcdaniel

yeah, the contractor talks about sustainability...walking to carson street...taking the "t" to downtown...all those great city amenities...

he says this on the latest popcity cheerleading post:

“To an extent,” Sota continues, “any development in the City of Pittsburgh is sustainable. If you’re building out in the suburbs where you have to drive 20 miles, it isn’t. We’re reinforcing the worth of the city’s access to public transportation and walkable neighborhoods.”

and guess what...his office is in bellevue...and according to the allegheny county tax assessment web site...he lives in the unsustainable suburb of shaler...come sam, let's get the tar and feathers and ride him past piatt place on a wagon!

how dare he talk so pretty and not reside within legal boundries of Pittsburgh?

oh where is john morris when you need his ire?

this is almost enough to make me retire my black and gold "go pittsburgh" varsity sweater.

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