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sean mcdaniel

actually i think the part about pittsburgh waterfront development is hilarious. whatever anyone thinks of baltimore's inner harbor...it actually is on the waterfront. asides from PNC Park (sort of) what real waterfront development can pittsburgh show. and even PNC park is an attraction 81 days (give or take a handful) a year. and none of them during the winter.

pittsburgh's waterfront development is a joke. even i'll say that.


Pittsburgh's waterfront development is much more than just PNC Park. Their is Station Square (new marina and observation deck), Pittsburgh Technology Center, the convention center, Armstrong Cork lofts, Heinz lofts, and much more. Plus there is new developments in the works such as the South Side Works, the Cultural Trust's Eight Street Block, Plans for the Strip District and brownfield redevelopment in Hazelwood. Also, wouldn't you consider the new riverfront trails as great waterfront development? Those projects aren't Baltimore's inner harbor, but they are developments along the rivers adding to the quality of life in Pittsburgh.

sean mcdaniel

hey, you gotta cross railroad tracks at station square to get to the river and no one's living in the Armstrong Cork factory yet. The Heinz Lofts are separated from the water by office buildings, roads and bike trails. the cultural trust stuff is cool. but again, you got roads and walkways to get to the water. hell if you're going to call that waterfront development then all of fucking pittsburgh is waterfront development as long as you can see a goddamn river, which makes mt. washington waterfront development.

where the fuck in southside works can you see the river...without walking a quarter of a mile to the banks (which are very high and make the river hard to see unless you're right there looking down)...i bet there are people who go to the cheesecake factory and don't know that the mon or any other river is a couple stone's throws away. maybe if you climb the wall at REI you can see the river...are up for that, monty piton?

the strip isn't waterfront development...and if it is, then so is the convention center hotel and everything else along penn avenue, and that would make lawrenceville waterfront development too (hey butler street is just a branch of penn.)

where are the restaurants that look out over the river? the grand course has about 12 tables with a riverfront view. can you get a cup of coffee when you're pedaling along the river trails? i've been riding them for nearly ten years and haven't found one place yet to stop for a beverage...that's on the trails. by the way, the trails aren't new anymore.

and at PNC park if you're in atria's, you can't even tell you're anywhere near a river. as for the technology center, it's like holy water...sure it looks and feels like H20 but you probably don't want to make your next pot of coffee with it. the technology center is a suburban RICD park in the city. and every bit as unappealing and sterile. i think a parking lot would be almost as attractive (and maybe more useful than) as the PTC. what quality of life does the PTC add to pittsburgh? come on, man. do you take people there to show the awesome view of the shitty PTC buildings?

a stupid crushed gravel bike trail isn't waterfront development...it's just a stupid fucking gravel bike trail. give me a goddam mini steamroller and i can be a riverfront developer too.

waterfront development is very close to the water...where you can see it...hear it...almost feel it. like baltimore. i would love to walk out of a pittsburgh restaurant and be at the river's edge in about 12 steps, jump into a water taxi and naviagate to the other side and grab a beer at a cool bar...clue me in where i can do that here.

if you're a regular here...you know i'm a pittsburgh booster...but i'm not about to say that our riverfront development is superb. it sucks.

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