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Mark Rauterkus

Right on about the psychology of the slogan and such.

As a parent, you don't tell your child, "Don't spill the milk." That only puts an image into the kid's mind of doing just what you asked to avoid.

Display ads are generally worthless to begin with. They are image builders. So, we've got an image builder that might as well say... Pittsburgh, Not NYC nor Philly.

sean mcdaniel

display ads are generally worthless...they are image builders....says Mark Rauterkus.

before i make a point...yes, i know that sam is a sincere blogger...but does he need that cute little graphic up in the top right hand corner to present the image of himself that he wants to convey? aren't his words enough? (actually, i'd settle for just the photo sometimes.)

and on rauterkus.com i see a photo that seems to imply that the owner of the site is a family man, with all the values that conveys. but i guess that is okay.

as for the psychology of slogans...does "freedom is not free" fall outside that discussion? what about a campaign slug such as pittsburgh's strengths...pittsburgh's promise. just more empty words?

or is it once again the case of slogans and image building are good for some but not for others?

at progresspittsburgh.com it says...Rauterkus called himself a "free market Republican" and an "urban Republican" -- not a "typical corporate-welfare Republican."

so that's not image building? okay, so he didn't say "vote me me...i'm not elsie hillman"

but come on mark, you don't think about your image, and even shape it with photos and slogans and catch phrases?

but then again, i must be missing the point.

Mark Rauterkus

PR is one thing. A display ad is another. I knock and discount 'display ads.'

I do have an 'image' as most do as well. But I have an image of actions, of deeds, of many words.

I didn't take out billboard ads or 4-color postcards showing me an a rented family, as others have done. Rather I'll work to host a 'fatherhood forum' or something with more substance. Heck, I didn't even use "lawn signs."

Nor did I win. But, I gave out CDs with music, message, open source software.

Pittsburgh promotions are fine -- if they are not trite nor simple to the point of being stuipid, and done with prudence.

Keep the discussion within the realm of what the topic area -- apples vs. apples -- and then I hope it makes more sense.

sean mcdaniel

nope, just more of the same rationalizing. posing with your kids puts you in the same league as rick santorum, except you have to do it on a homemade web site and he does it with professional TV spots.

as for your quoting "freedom is not free" that was trite the second time rush limbaugh uttered it. and the pittsburgh's strengths...pittsburgh's promise...please tell me why this isn't just as valid...cleveland's strengths....clevelands promise...or dayton's strength...dayton's promise...or newark's strengths...newark's promise...geez, i hope you get the point. and please don't cry in your spilt milk. as i've said before, people who live in glass houses shouldn't walk around naked.

Mark Rauterkus

Thanks for the advice. Now please pass the Windex.

sean mcdaniel

ouch. i've seen the online pic...i'll put on the blindfold.

put seriously...why isn't pittsburgh interchangeable with any other rust belt city you might put in your campaign slogan. the beauty of your slogan is that you can go on the road with it, run for office in other cities with the slogan...you may hit the right note elsewhere.

as i said, you're avoiding the issue.

Mark Rauterkus

You'll put on the blindfold? You must mean another blindfold.

In a sense, the slogan, "Pittsburgh, Imagine what you can do here." -- COULD be something for any other city, region or state. It would work for Pittsburgh as poorly as it would work for those other places, unless we were talking about Peter Pan's Neverland.


have to agree w/ the first post by permalink -
we are seriously considering moving to pgh. i was born there (76) and know the city. we are actively searching for reasons to move there. we WANT to be convinced. i know the city is not still black from smoke. i remember the black stone church i always saw as a kid - its light tan now. the steel mill we always passed on the parkway, replaced w/ name brand architecture. those of us who know the city, and COULD be easily convinced to move there, we know the good and bad. and yet, we are still considering moving there, which means its all down to one thing - the job outlook. we know the arts and cultural scene. the beautiful geography. the sports scene. the sucky weather. woops, lets focus on the positive. we lived in denver for 5 years. sunny all the time. i missed those eastern storms that brew for hours. pittsburgh has 4 seasons. denver only has 2. good universities. i remember this city being a top competitor - as far as the symphony, art scene, universities. still true? like permalink said. all you have to tell me is that your number one problems are under progress. do THAT in the slogan. jobs, racial tension and segregation, youth exodus. and, most importantly, DO NOT give up the things that are actually working for you. casinos? bad move. very bad move.
on that note, can someone convince my husand, myself and our 2 dogs to move to PGH? we are architects. and, now in grand rapids michigan, we need the next move to be a good one (semi-permanent.) thanks.

ps - your slogan is really not bad. its just not good. grand rapids slogan, well, i'll let you decide. It is "Grand Rapids: Keep it a Secret." i'm sorry. it conjures up laughter for me, which i dont think is the intended response.

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