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John Morris

Wow, that's a riot.

1) I actually like the slogan a lot, and i think it makes a lot of sense to sell the place as sort of a blank canvas, with a lot of assets. What makes the whole thing nut's is that this would be a great slogan, for a free open and capitalist city ( Hong kong, or maybe Las Vegas ) Face it, if you come into town with out huge amounts of clout or connections they aren't going to let you do too much.

Can we sell the slogan so Vegas can put it to good use???

Amos the Poker Cat

Tunesmith and Anthony's CafePress shop has lots of attempts at a new slogan. The cynical one, naturally that I like the best is:

Steel City
America's Most Livable City
City of Champions
We still have Three Rivers.

Althought, with 3r's capitalized, like it is, it might be even more cynical than I originally gave it credit for.

sean mcdaniel

Hi Sam,

I'll offer up my slogans from a few months ago:

Riverside: We've Got Water on the Brain.

Little Apple: The City that Never Wakes Up.

Historyville: We Love Living in the Past.

Still City: We're So Not on the Move.

DaPointe: Yinz Jest Don't Get It.

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Fred Mullner


Pittsburgh: It's where Grandma lives.
It's still 1950 in Pittsburgh.


John Morris

I think that the cities willingness to fall for political hucksters and looter developers and any urban planner suggests a few names.

Pittsburgh - Screw Me
Pittsburgh- We bend over

or "There,s a sucker born every minute and here they are"

or Pittsburgh-- Brains Not Included

Here's my little theory. The guy who was trying to sell the Brooklyn Bridge, found that Pittsburgh couldn't afford it so he sold the city his entire load of little bridges.

sean mcdaniel

damn, i thought all you blog geniuses could be a little more creative with your slogans...where is the wit (without the rancor and sophomoric vulgarity? are you guys are still watching american pie and caddy shack?

Jonathan Potts

Pittsburgh: Where America Used to Live

And by the way, Sean, I still laugh everytime "Caddyshack" is on TV.

Sam M

Sean says:

"where is the wit (without the rancor and sophomoric vulgarity? are you guys are still watching american pie and caddy shack?"

American Pie? No. But Caddyshack, yes. And "The Jerk." And a lot of similar things that are rancorous and sophomorically vulgar.

See, it all comes down to Communications 101. On the first day of class, they teach you to always, no matter what, "KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE."

And guess what? For better or worse, the city appears to be targeting young, hip creative class types.

Who just so happen to think that rancor and sophomoric vulgarity are the bee's goddamnn kness.

Have you seen an episode of South Park? The Simpsons?

So, know your audience. And this audience does dirty.

sean mcdaniel

oh, thanks for the lesson, prof. potts. only problem is that the simpsons and south park actually can use vulgarity and sophomoric humor and be funny. hell, i love the aristocrats, curb your enthusiasm, entourage, the daily show and the colbert report.

seriously, even disney does kick in the balls sight gags in its movies...now that's cutting edge humor.

and no, i don't laugh at the three stooges anymore. but i think raising arizona might be the funniest (and one of the most poignant) movies ever made.

Amos the Poker Cat

Another T&A entry:

Pittsburgh: Small town with big city taxes

Actualy, we offered the city to looter developers, but they did not want it.

sean mcdaniel


Pittsburgh: Subsidize This!

Pittsburgh: Here's to the Whiners.

Pittsburgh: From Blitzburg to Bitchburgh.

Pittsburgh: Imagine What Might Have Been.

Pittsburgh: From Smokestacks to Fartsacks.

there you go, johnnypotts...i can do blue too. hope you're laughing.

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