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sean mcdaniel

it's a coin toss with a double-headed coin. And we're all calling tails. With both being such hawks, we all lose...until rick and bobby go marching off to war...hurrah.

sean mcdaniel

speaking of the war...here's a quick way to end it...reinstate the draft...starting with 30-35 year olds...in a week there'd be mass protests, civil disobedience and even riots...all at once. after all, 30-35 year old males are smarter, more decisive, right?

no this isn't a slam against you or j.Potts or anyone else. but we'd be out of iraq in a few months if we withdrew everyone under 30 and replaced them with the older guys and gals.

i'd like to see casey or santorum propose that one.

Jonathan Potts

Most of my friends were too lazy to riot when they were in their early 20s. Now, they wouldn't stand a chance.

I suspect a draft of 18-year-olds wouldn't go over too well either.

Mark Rauterkus

Thanks for the pointer. A good find and read.

As for hope -- well -- we do have a mayor's race in 2007, a controller's race, and many city council and county council races -- plus the County Executive race.

What slot do you want to fill?

We could use some 'running mates' N@. :)

John Morris

There it is-- the German solution.

The victor in Pennsylvania will play a major role in the direction his party takes. If Casey wins, the lesson for Democrats will be to cede the moral ground to Republicans, and abandon any litmus test of support for social liberties. If Santorum holds on, Republicans will have learned that the most dogmatic social conservative can survive if he's willing to spend big and abandon classically liberal economic policies.

The democrats in thier eagerness to preserve economic statism, will comprimise with the social consevatives looking to promote religious statism. The middle road in the middle where they meet is called fascism.

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