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Jonathan Potts

Well, there is really no reason to eat candy, for example. Or doughnuts, for that matter, regardless of what kind of oil you fry them in. They are, after all, fried dough. Should we only allow baked doughnuts? Is there such a thing?

John Morris

All food must be eaten under a doctor's supervision.

sean mcdaniel

Or maybe there should be a high minimum charge on all food and consumers must prove that they can actually enjoy those edibles. i think that's a sure bet to happen.

sean mcdaniel


For all the times I get under your skin (and J. Morris and Amos) consider this one a gift. Have fun with it. There are plenty of laugh lines to hatch here:


sean mcdaniel

As for the good of the Public Health, rent Thank You for Smoking. There's a lot of good stuff in that movie to spark conversation, such as freedom to kill yourself with cigarettes to the tobacco industry's ability (that means money) to manipulate the facts about the dangers of smoking.

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