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Mark Rauterkus

The private funds might come to build the building. But, I want them to keep it too. Don't give it to an authority or to the public after it is built. They can build it, own it, run it, manage it, maintain it, program it, repair it, update it.

Remember, the public just payed a good price to put additional seats into Heinz Field -- this season.

I don't want the new arena to become a public liability.

The new building should be the public's to tax. Tax the land it sits on and the ticket, parking and sales transactions it generates.

Furthermore, I don't want the PENGUINS nor the Casino to tear down the existing arena. They can build a new building. But they need to leave the other one alone. When you rent an apartment, you don't get to tear it down after you move out. We own the Civic Arena and it does just fine for some activities, such as Disney On Ice, Carrick High School Graduation, and high school basketball games (WPIAL title games, City League games, etc.).

Jonathan Potts

I agree with you that the building should be privately owned. If it's not, than the public should get the lion's share of the revenues.

But I fail to understand what would be gained by keeping Mellon Arena. The presence of two such structures--not to mention a casino--would make that area one of the ugliest parts of the city. (Of course, this is all hypothetical, because no one is going to listen to you and me.) I'd rather see local officials make it conditional that the new facilities hosts the kind of community events you describe. (Except for Disney on Ice. Whoever gets the profits from the new facility will want those kinds of events.)

Mark Rauterkus

Many places, such as Indy, have multiple arenas next to one another, side by side. Even with our North Side, we've got PNC Park and Heinz Field.

The casino could be the Arena too.

Other events, say, the DNC Convention (giggle) need to monopolize the facility for more than a month. You can't hold playoff hockey (giggle) and a DNC convention the same year. Well, I'm not sure that this is a valid example at all as I'm not sure on the dates. But, I do know, that the because of the Pens, there are many events that can't be held -- because -- the Pens are using the venue.

An auto show, a boat show, a week-long circus, etc. They can't just flop down in a venue and not brush up against the Pens schedule.

Same too for say a high school states basketball tournament. Think Hoosiers. Boys and Girls games. Five divisions. Elite 8 to Championships plus All-Stars and Roundball Classics, etc.

A high school city league basketball game could fit over there the same time as a hockey game in a new arena, plus a casino.

The Casino and new arena is going to bring in the parking structures.

And, finally, people do listen to me -- and US. The 3-1-1 response line is a vivid example of how my agenda points get to come about in the real world. Plus, I've been on the Crossing Guard bandwagon too. There is some grip on the roadway of life from time to time. :)


This is all darn amazing. Legislation(slots gambling) that was sold as something that would benefit the general public(tax releif,road repair,schools etc..) throughout the commonwealth. Has just become a slush fund for the same old schemes. This is happening in Philly, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Willkes-Barre and Erie. Not to mention all the numbers the state used for its projections are over estimated. The public gets scamed again.


I figured IOC would be the winner when I saw that a Caliguiri was part of their team. It didn't matter how good / bad their proposal was, or where the funding came from. They had better connections.

Mark Rauterkus

Franco and Jerome offer way more weight than a minister and a son of a past mayor. Yet alone Smokey.

David C got on the gambling bandwagon -- and that is going to prevent him from any success in politics for another decade or two.

Jonathan Potts

The convention center already has an auto show every year. I'm sure there are plenty of open dates for a boat show. As for a major party convention--which usually take place in the summer--a lack of hotel space in the Downtown area makes it prohibitive. (And no, that is not an endorsement of a publicly funded convention center hotel.) I seriously doubt that there are enough events to justify two such arenas.

Mark Rauterkus

We have a shortage of civic events in this region.

The new - reborn - Civic Arena could be positioned to host differet, better, smaller, civic events. High school sports tournaments. High school graduations. High school hockey. Club and college hockey. New Year's Eve community concerts and festivals.

Plus, the I.C. Light Stage in Station Square is going to go away. But, I'm not really interested in those commercial events as I am the local and regional ones.

Where is our BOOK / Publishers event in this town? That can be an event for the Civic Arena.

What about ABA basketball, arena football, roller derby (for women too) and even women's indoor ski jumping.

Where is the Allegheny County Dog show? Hell, we have two branches of government still selling dog licenses.


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