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Jonathan Potts

I was recently in Baltimore, and my wife and I and the baby spent a few hours wandering around Fells Point. I have no perspective, since I'd never been in that neighborhood before, but given the way it was promoted as a tourist destination, it had a lot more character than I'd expected. It seemed hip and somewhat upscale without seeming pretentious. And it bleeds into an Hispanic neighborhood.

Baltimore's Little Italy seems to have undergone some serious gentrification since last I was there eight years ago, but it could be that I just didn't pay much attention last timne I was there.

sean mcdaniel

okay, i've got a big soft spot in my heart for fells point because I fell in love with someone there about 10 years. i mean, just like that. do you think it's okay to tell her yet?

anyway, i liked it back then. haven't been there for a few years. hope it hasn't been too cleaned up. what i like about baltimore is the same as what i like about pittsburgh. you can clean it up, but it's still a town that knows how to get down and dirty. and man i loved the lexington market...is it still the same? i know that philadelphia cleaned the character right out of the reading terminal (but not the Italian Market in S. Philadelphia). I dread to think that a santized markethouse might open in the strip.

Sam, if you can, set your eyes on some photos of the old markethouse on the northside. it sat across from the library and the buhl science center (now the children's museum). I was about 6 or 7 when it made way for allegheny center, but i still have dreams about it and swear that i smell the freshly butchered meats and sawdust on the floor.

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