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C. Briem

Biff and Buffy eh? Shades of Nick Carraway... do you think it's still 1950.

Sam M


Funny you should mention the vintage nature of biff and Buffy. One of my students--assigned to write something along the lines of Susan Sontag's "Notes on Camp"--handed in a neat essay called "Notes on Preppy." The class read it and we were discussing some other things he could have added. As an aside, I asked what a stereotypical preppy person might be names. How they might talk. What they might say. And they were having kind of a hard time. This went on for some time, but they were finally coming up with some good stuff. Then Ibuted out my bes William F. Buckley voice and said something like, "Right-o. This afternoon I am meeting with Biff and Buffy at the yacht club."

They had never heard "Biff. But they did know Buffy as the Vampire slayer.

Still, I reserve the right to employ the Biff and Buffy stereotype. I met far too many of them to let it slip into the past. Although to be honest, Yale was never really the preppiest place. At least I don't think so. Especially after they gave up on big-time athletics.

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